17 Million U.S. Women Face Urinary Incontinence

Approximately 17 million women between the age of 18 & 60 in the U.S. encounter urinary incontinence in their lifetime. The condition that results in loss of control in managing the flow of urine from your body is typically a result of the urethra not being closed tightly to keep the urine in the bladder.

There are a variety of treatment options depending on each individual case. Some of these options include:

Behavior therapies

Behavior modification is used to train one’s bladder and sphincter muscles by decreasing fluid intake and by prompting or scheduling voiding.


These tubes are inserted into the urethra to collect urine into an external drainage bag. These are generally left in place 24 hours a day.


There are a number of medications to treat incontinence caused by urge to continually void. Where incontinence is stress related, there are no medications for to treat this. For incontinence caused by a combination of both urge and stress, drug therapy may be helpful in treating the urge component.

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