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5 Stars

8 Reviews | Average Rating: 5

5 Stars

I am so thankful for everyone at Brigham/Faulkner Obgyn. I am a patient of Dr. Greenberg’s - all the nurses, staff, and him are incredibly supportive and kind! I highly recommend this practice.
5 Stars

I have been going here for over ten years. Everyone at the desk is super helpful and friendly. I have seen both Dr. Miner and Dr. Greenberg both who are amazing. They truly care about their patients and take their time with you during appointments. I reccommend this practice to anyone who wants a doctor as well as staff that make patients their top priority.

5 Stars

Wonderful doctors and a wonderful staff! I lived in Boston when I had my first two children and was so happy with my experience that even after we moved an hour and a half away, I still went back to the practice when I had my third child. They are almost always running on time and it is obvious that the doctors and nurses are all very experienced. During all of my deliveries the doctors were very reassuring and encouraging. I plan to go back to the practice if we have a fourth child!

5 Stars

I cannot say enough about the care I received here. The entire staff is so warm and friendly and make you feel like family. My babies and I received the best care . There is no where else I would go!

5 Stars

Great office with a wonderful and friendly staff! Always have the best experience when i'm there.

5 Stars

Great doctors; love the staff

5 Stars

Dr. Greenberg is all around amazing. He is knowledgeable, funny, caring and cares about his patients. I highly recommend him !

5 Stars

I had a robotic total hysterectomy two days ago at Faulkner Hospital in Boston with Dr. Jim Greenberg. I am healing quickly, and I already feel much better! I am just a little swollen - with minimal pain. I am only taking Advil for the pain. I was surprised to be feeling so great so quickly after my surgery! Dr. Greenberg had told me that recovery time is often shortened for patients who have surgery with the da Vinci system - and he was right!

I had my surgery early morning, and I awoke from surgery feeling good. After a bit of time in bed reading in my hospital room - I got up and walked a bit. By the next morning I was feeling even better. The nurses at Faulkner Hospital were so great - and helped me every step of the way!

Because of my huge fibroids, enlarged uterus and fallen cervix I felt I wanted to have this surgery. Dr. Jim Greenberg at Faulkner Hospital in Boston took the time to thoroughly go through my surgery with me. He gave me the confidence to do this. Before meeting with Dr. Greenberg I was nervous about having this surgery. His expertise & kindness made my surgery much less scary. Dr. Greenberg expressed his confidence in the robotic da Vinci system which he thought would make my surgery go much smoother. Dr. Greenberg took the time to explain to me my options, and how he would use the da Vinci system to do my surgery. I am very grateful to Dr. Greenberg and I would highly recommend him - and I would highly recommend having a doctor who uses the robotic da Vinci system. I am so glad I had this surgery done with Dr. Greenberg - and his da Vinci system. He did a great job!

I wanted to write this so other women thinking of having this surgery would not be scared, and would feel confident about having this surgery if it's right for them.

Thank you.