TRUST Study at Brigham & Women’s Faulkner Hospital in Boston

Are heavy periods, bloating, and pelvic pain or pressure routinely interfering with your everyday life?

Get more information about our Trust studyApproximately 7 out of 10 women develop fibroids during their reproductive years, a condition that is especially prevalent among women of color.

Hysterectomy has long been used as a standard treatment for fibroids. In recent years several treatments have become available that can treat fibroids and reduce or eliminate fibroid symptoms without harming the uterus.

Brigham Women’s is now enrolling participants for an IRB-approved study comparing approved uterine-sparing fibroid treatments.

Women 18 or older with untreated fibroids who have completed child-bearing and wish to receive treatment and avoid hysterectomy may be eligible to receive treatment through the TRUST (Treatment Results of Uterine Sparing Technologies) USA study. Information on the study can be found at (search identifier: NCT02163525).

Potential surgical treatment options while participating in TRUST include:

All study treatment options are FDA approved.

Find out if you are eligible to participate

If you are a woman of childbearing age and are not pregnant nor plan on getting pregnant, you may be a candidate for the TRUST-USA Study

To learn more, please contact Brigham Faulkner OB/GYN Associates at our Boston office at (617) 983-7003 or fill out our secure form.